May 272014

Before the meat of this story, This will be my 100th post on this site!  I am excited.  It is ok.  you can sit down and stop the fanfare.


I was training with my kettlebells the other day.  After I had finished, I picked my lungs up from the floor and headed to the shower.  That is where the title of this post hit me.

I, Stinkius, of the most sweaty and foul

do hereby declare mandatory bathing for all of the subjects in the realm.

At the outset of the kettlebell manifesto and implementation,

The de-stinky proclamation will be enforced.

This will include all members of the Empire from the oldest, (me) to the not yet born.  Your time will come.

Wherefore the decree will state that only through the act of becoming Stinkius will the kettlebell or the punching bag be effective to long term health, but the immediate implementation of the De-Stinky proclamation will be required.

Just something silly for Friday. It is snowing here in Salt Lake.  Head outside if you can!

Tomorrow is Fiction Saturday!  It was scheduled to be the end of Jackson Malone, but will it be???  I don’t even know.  I do know that the ebook that was going to accompany the finale will not be available until May 15th.

Due to some feedback and arm twisting by that evil mastermind Carlos over at Conscious Me, (who i am quite convinced is trying to take over the Blogistan (watch out Dave Doolin)) I am rewriting Jackson Malone for the ebook.  It is going to end up at novella length at this point, and there will probably be other stories starring him later.

So, tomorrow, Jackson Malone!  The end?  Maybe.  Ebook on May 15th.

Chime in if you will!


  4 Responses to “I Stinkius…”

  1. Just one more reason why everybody cannot be a kettlebell virtuoso. Did the kids get a snowday?
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Nostalgia – Beautiful Mid-Century Modern House =-.

  2. I hate bathing. Showers are ok.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Sunday Funnies – Happily Ever After =-.

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