Jul 092014

I have been sitting here for 2 hours barely being productive.  And not being blog productive.

I took yesterday completely off from the computer being Mothers day and all.  Saw my Mom and spent time with my wife.

A good day but no post written for Monday.  I have squandered my queue of Pre Written posts from the challenge, I need to spend a week and crank out 6 or 7.

So I have been closing windows and writing creative challenges and trying to figure out what to post on this blog.  And then I thought, “What if I didn’t post anything today?”  Would it matter?  I recently decided to bag a regular post on Wednesdays so that I could work on my other blog Cantankerous Old Coots, as well as fiction and  ebooks.

And you know what? Wednesday didn’t hurt me very much at all.  I still get a bunch of traffic and it seems ok.  Even on Sunday when I don’t turn on the computer at all until 9 pm or so isn’t doing bad.  So would cutting out Monday be a problem?

Actually I think it would.  Maybe later I can change that but not now.  4 months is not the time to slack off that bad.  I will just have to start writing Mondays post on Saturday!

Anyway, just me ranting today.  I am way too tired for this right now.  Have a good Monday everyone!


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  1. Take a kettlebell break and get back to work! No more excuses.

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