Sep 262013

I have discovered something very strange.  In the past 2 days, my twitter followers have gone crazy.  I went from 15 or so to nearly 100, just for getting some free ebooks.

I figured I would get some spam that I could ignore or some spam that was worth reading but every few hours my email has several “&$%(” is now following you on Twitter.”  messages.  It is very interesting.  Some I follow.  Some I haven’t.  some I look and see what their last few tweets were without following.  I have found some very interesting people online.

I have read that Twitter is a great way to boost readership of your blog and such.  Are all of these people going to read MY blog just because of Twitter?  I hope so.  I want to get my readership out there.  It just blows me away how a few simple things will bring about more than I ever imagined.  Really.  It is kind of daunting and a wee bit scary to be out there in the world and not just one of the lurking wraiths.

Now we decide further where to go.  What to people really want to read?  Do I really care what people want to read and just continue to write what I want to write.  I did call my blog Catharsis of the Bogue not What do the Masses Want.  So if you are here and reading this, I will be writing about whatever fancy strikes me.

Quick side note, my 4 year old nephew has named their pony (a real live pony mind you) “Fancy Britches”.  Every time I hear the word fancy it reminds me of that.  I was reading a book about pirates called The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodward (Amazon Link) One of the early pirate ships they renamed “Fancy” and I chuckled almost every time.

But I digress.  Also one of my favorite phrases.  So here it is, My Blog, My Rules with lots of help from genius wordpress guys (Dr. WordPress, Dave Doolin) and great writers Kelly Diels, and Josh Hanagarne.  I am going to start posting stories, you know fiction stuff.  Be prepared, not just for Boy Scouts anymore….

More to come from my brain to yours,


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