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Supernatural! A video tribute

hey guys hope you had a good weekend.  Today, something short.  If you haven’t seen the TV show Supernatural you are missing out.  It has become my favorite show on tv for the last 5 years.  Go check out the DVD’s, they are great!

They are also filled with Classic Rock, something I truly love.  Kansas has this amazing song form the ’70’s called Carry on my Wayward Son.  They use it quite a bit in the series, and this video was made by a fan with some of the best parts of the series to that song.  Enjoy!  and yes, I have owned this album LOOOOONG before Supernatural even came out.  Kansas came to Salt Lake Community College once…I blew off Philosophy for them.  Did the same for 3 Dog Night later that same year.  Anyway, the video:


  1. It is a sorry world when 70’s music becomes classic rock but I guess youngsters can’t be expected to understand history when they haven’t lived it. How about Captain and Tennile?

    • I was like 3 when that song came out. Captain and tenille is a little much for me. I much prefer the early rock from the 50’s. “If they didn’t already call it rock and roll they would have called it Chuck Berry.” Cant beat some of those early pioneers of that “rock N roll” thing.

  2. I love Supernatural, watched it from the very first episode. I even watch all the repeats. I love Dean Winchester, if only I were two years younger! 😉

    • I have to admit a man-crush on Jensen Ackles. He is my favorite young actor right now. I hope he gets some big movie roles, he is fantastic in Supernatural. I don’t usually watch the repeats, I just go get my DVD’s. They come out right before my birthday and guess what I ask for every time….

  3. A bromance?! 😉 Have you seen him doing the Eye of The Tiger? Wonder why he hasn’t done some movies, you buy the tickets and I’ll get the popcorn.

    • I have watched that a dozen times. How funny. He has been in a couple of movies, last year or the year before he was in the update of My Bloody Valentine and he was good if the movie needed some help. I’ll be there when there is more.

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