Jul 092014

There are so many different places around the web to find out about all things kettlebell.  I just want to tell the world why I like them.

First, there is nothing quite like a piece of iron.  Doesn’t matter what kind, iron is cool.  I play with the blacksmith’s trade as well and there is something very very satisfying about taking something as elemental as iron and bending it to your will.  I don’t intend to forge a kettlebell or change a kettlebell beyond drilling a hole in it (see http://justinsbrainpan.com/2010/01/13/being-a-geek-c…ake-you-so-far/ for pics of that).  I like to swing the things around.  It is much the same as swinging a hammer.  Primal.

There is a totally different feeling when finishing a kettlebell workout than finishing any other type.  I am usually very tired but still feel like I can go out and move a mountain.  or pick up a car.  (one of my future goals as well)  I have never felt the same type of feeling with any machine I have ever been on and I have not even felt it with free weights.

There is a sense of something old, a part of something historical when using kettlebells.  There are several out there with lovely colored vinyl coatings, I don’t have those.  I have black iron kettlebells.  I want them to get beat up.  I want chips and dents.  I want minor rust.  I want to tame “The Beast” (106 pound kettlebell).  A far out goal but still I want to be part of that too short list.

I like to be a part of old history.  I want to be a trapper in the early 1800’s.  I like to make clothes in styles that predate the Civil War.  I like to lift kettlebells.

I am not going to give any instructions, there are too many others better at it than me; but start at www.dragondoor.com and surf there if you are interested.  Otherwise seek out an RKC certified trainer.  I will be one in the future.  I can’t wait to join those ranks.

Now, if you will excuse me, it is time to do my swings and maybe go find a mountain to move.


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