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Stumble, Stumble, Stumble (upon), Fall!

Hello Folks.  I hope you had a good weekend and all of you fathers, a good Fathers day.  I know I did.

The point today is a reset.  Start over from a point, not the beginning.  Last week was hard for me to balance for some reason.  The kids are home from school for the summer, yardwork needs to be done house needs to be cleaned.  Somewhere I didn’t get much writing done.  I did start playing with podcasts, and worked a ton getting our quilting business site up and running.

I still am not finished with all of the things that I have for sale but it is functional for about half.  Check out  It is amazing what you can do with WordPress!

So, This week I am resetting. I didn’t get today’s post out before now, and that is ok.  I didn’t get a quality piece done for fiction saturday and that is bothering me a bit but I am not going to stress about that either.  I didn’t even get something up over at Cantankerous Old Coots for today. That is ok too.  We have good stuff coming for the rest of the week.

Thanks for staying with me over the week, traffic has still been fairly good even with my slacking.  Taking a reset yesterday and today, posts tues, thurs, fri, and a good one on saturday.  I may have to rethink another day off in posting and hope my rankings don’t slip any further.  We will see about that.

I have a bunch of products and books that I am either starting or barely into working on including a Coots collaboration with Ralph Carlson.  Look for that in a bit.

Have a good day folks, remember the lessons that we tried to teach in the first Pre-Writing Challenge, have some posts in queue so this doesn’t happen.  The only issue with that, if you use a post from the queue, replace it or you have nothing left!

See you tomorrow.



  1. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” and this is a perfect example. A lot of times people give up on their projects if they fall behind or things don’t go as planned, so it’s great that you’ve cut yourself some slack and you’re “restarting” instead of quitting.

    • Thanks Steve, that is exactly the message here. I have seen toomany people just give up under the pile of stuff, instead of leaving that pile and startign a new one. You can always ship away at the other pile.

  2. Pre-writing is just like an emergency fund. If you don’t replace it you are back where you started.

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