Sep 262013

I love to be inspired.  I’m sure everyone does at some point.  It is great to sit down and be struck in the face with a fantastic posting idea but lets face it, how often does that actually happen?  How much more realistic is is to have a great idea on the way to the bathroom or in line at the bank?

I keep a digital recorder around to hang onto these ideas.  That doesn’t mean any of those ideas will ever see the light of day or be pounded into my computer.  There are the days when I do have an idea and can get it down quickly so it works.  There are days when I play around on the internet and am extremely undisciplined because I am doing “research” or “learning” and it is all BS.  These are the days when it is dinnertime and I realize that I still haven’t written, actually WRITTEN, anything but some snarky comments and maybe an email all day.

I started to do that today and I realized that I was telling myself that I was just waiting for something to write about.  I was waiting for inspiration.  That thought brought on this post.  Just waiting around will only cause me to fail in my quest to be a writer and on some of those top 10 blog lists.

And now, for my next trick, I will transcribe some of my post ideas from the recorder.  With luck I can have 2-3 posts lined up by the end of the day.  End of the weekend is more likely though.

Get out and enjoy the weather if you can!  Snow is coming to Salt Lake tonight.  Can’t wait, already have the snowblower gassed up.


  One Response to “Waiting for Inspiration, A Sure Way to Fail.”

  1. I think that inspiration can come from anywhere and we’re not always going to be prepared as we’d like all of the time. Just gotta do whatever we can to get our ideas saved and ready for when our fingers hit the keyboard the next time so we have something to actually put to good use.

    Here today we’re actually getting a bit of snow though I’m not sure for how long.

    Good post, brother! 🙂
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Lets Help Each Other =-.

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