May 272014

I love to fish.  I would be fishing now if I wanted to be cold.  Most of the lakes and rivers are still somewhat frozen here in Utah.  I am getting that spring bug though.

I was at Walmart the other day looking over the sporting good section like I usually do and it got me thinking.  How much of this is what my grandpa used to call “bait for fishermen” and not worth the money to buy?  Answer, most of it.  There is so much of every type of plug, popper, spinner, spoon, crankbait, or gimmick that it is oerwhelming to look at.

Of course I have a bunch of gear but it is gear that I chose to buy for one reason or another, based onhow it my catch fish.  I don’t have anything that looks like a beer can or a pile of junk.  I have good colors and shapes that willhelp me catch fish.  Period.

One of the best things that ever happened to me was when we moved.  I lost all of my fishing gear except for my poles.  as near as I can figure, my tackle boxes were lifted while I was loading up the truck.  I have not noticed anything else missing.  the only things I was not happy about losing were 2 of my good reels but, I guess someone else needed them worse than me.  I hope they got into fishing because of it.

I have replaced everything that I wanted to and now have a kit that I am really happy with.  I can’t wait to use it this summer.

I thought about all of this and how it applies to the internet. There is a lot of flash and bait on the net.  I have it on my site in affiliate programs and I will have in the future for product offers.  You can google anything and get millions of hits.  The secret is guessing at the good stuff and leaving the garbage.  There is plenty of both around the internet.

Sometimes it is beneficial to clean out the old stuff and start over.  I have dumped my bookmarks in the past and started over.  I am thinking about cleaning out my twitter.  I am considering purging chaff from my RSS reader as well.

The only real advice I am going to give is this.  Decide to do something and do it.  Decide on a post idea, write it (time permitting).  Decide to comment, do it.  Decide to purge, do it.  I am finally sick of myself putting things off and talking about doing things that never quite get around to happening.  Now, I am doing it.

So, Go Do Something.  NOW! Get out of here!


  10 Responses to “Seeking out the flash we want instead of the stuff we need”

  1. I’ve got a mate I go fishing with. He has every gadget under the suns, takes 10 different bait combination with him, 4 massive tackle boxes full of ever kind of tackle you could imagine and at least 6 different rods go with him on ever fishing trip.

    What do I take? I short rod and little reel. A very small tackle box with only the essentials in it (it also doubles up as my seat sometimes). And either some maggots or some sweetcorn – never both. That’s it.

    The thing is I always catch more fish than him. Why? Not because I’m better or have more experience – I don’t. He’s a much better fisherman than me with about 10 years more experience.

    The simple reason (and there’s a lesson for blogging in here) is that while he’s setting up, changing baits and tackle and changing his tactics, I’m just fishing. I’m fishing for longer in each session so I increase my chances of success.

    If you’re more worried about which plugin, product or theme you’ve got you’ll always miss out on the time you should be using to write and create.

    Great reminder of keeping it simple Justin!
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..8 ways to make Valentines Day special this year? =-.

  2. I totally agree! if you spend all of your time switching baits without your hook in the water you will never catch anything. I have a couple of “go to” lures that always seem to catch fish.
    There are some plugins and elements of successful websites that are like that. They seem to work if you leave them alone long enough. I like to leave things alone for a while after they are on my site to see what happens.
    Thanks for the comments, we will have to go fishing if our paths ever cross.

  3. Yeah I agree, these days it’s a mindfull full of all the gear no idea type shops and followers.

    It’s down to people like you to lead the way, top work here brother, linking it to a new post of mine
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..Why You Need To Work With Someone Stronger Than You =-.

  4. Great thing to share. I seem to go and clean out my bookmarks on ocassion, usually after putting it off for a short while but I go through and see which ones I’ve use the most lately and take a look at the others before I delete them and start over.
    I love to fish too by the way. will bookmark you Justin. (found via info dude)

  5. Great analogy Justin and combined with Ben’s comment about his fishing experiences, the pair of you make great sense. I love the shove to just get on with it because I too can catch myself guilty of tinkering with a little code here or a plugin there instead of just getting the job done!

    Thanks for the reminder.
    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Are They Using This Weapon On Your 4 Year Old? =-.

  6. Hey Justin,

    What was the biggest fish you’ve ever caught and how come I don’t see it on your about page? haha.

    My strategy in the future is simply building trust with my readers and only offering products that I use myself and actually feel comfortable recommending. I think that goes incredibly far with readers and makes your site stand out like a beacon on the internet. Thoughts?
    .-= Ryan @ Planting Dollars´s last blog ..Hiking Diamond Head and Snorkeling In Waikiki =-.

    • the biggest fish I ever caught was not that impressive in the scheme of things. It was a brown trout that was only about 23 inches long. Some of my favorite to catch are Tiger Trout. They are a hybrid and the little ones fight like a much bigger fish.
      I do agree with you about trust, I won’t offer anything from affiliate programs to products that I don’t believe in and or will use myself. I have a potload of .pdf’s that I should delete off of my computer becuase I am never going to offer them.
      Thanks for being here!

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