May 272014

Hey folks, I was inspired today.  I started off to write about how nice it is that my older kids are wanting and able to help with the new baby.

That still will be a focus.  However, my oldest daughter was watching a TV show and the two teenage boys on the show were babysitting.  They obviously didn’t know anything about kids or babysitting and it was hilarious to watch these kids run around and try to get the baby’s diaper changed, and get the baby to sleep.  Really reminded me of the post I was thinking of!

It really reminded me of watching my kids with the new baby. My kids are all about helping us with the baby.  They both really want to feed and water the baby as well as hold him.  OK, water is just kidding.  But they really want to help.  Bath time is fun, they argue over who gets to wash his toes and who gets to lotion his back.

He is very pampered (Groucho voice: “In more ways than one, if you know what I mean.”) by his siblings.  It is exciting to see them want to change a diaper or hold him so that I can use the bathroom or rotate the laundry.  It is nice when they help calm him down when he is crying.

I am glad to give them that chance, I was not old enough to help with my sisters so when my first daughter was born I was very much a rookie.  I hope that my kids will have at least a familiarity with how to care for a new baby.  Except for the new baby that is, he will have to rely on being the Uncle who helps when my oldest has kids in 30 years or so. (is 40 too old for kids????)

Any thoughts or questions?  I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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