Mar 242014

Anyone like energy drinks?  I have quit most of them but there are days when I can’t see my keyboard without them.  Having the new baby doesn’t help with that.

Caffeine is the thing that is so needed.  Wake up.  Now I don’t drink coffee so the best avenue for caffeine besides the pills (which are weird for some reason) is the energy drink.  My question is, who came up with the idea that most of them have to taste like monkey piss?

Red Bull is the original offender, and probably the worst.  There are plenty of imitators and none are the better!  Granted there are many other flavors now,  but there are still 2 basic schools of flavor.  Monkey piss, otherwise known as, I really don’t know what it is supposed to be citrus maybe?  and then the fruity flavors.

The fruity flavors are the best, in my opinion because I don’t like drinking monkey piss.  I tried a new drink the other day and much to my chagrin, it was monkey piss flavor.  I guess it is time to give up the things all together.  Besides, they are too expensive.

Anyone else feel the same about energy drinks?  anyone with a deep seated love affair with Red Bull?  Let me know in the comments, I am going to try and go the week without any energy drinks.  Can you?


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  4 Responses to “This is the one where I Rant on Energy Drinks.”

  1. Justin,

    I read this yesterday and it made me laugh. Thanks again.


  2. Besides “caffeine” energy drinks are really chocked full of sugar.

    Even good old Gatorade with it’s “essential electrolytes” is way to sugary to drink unless you are actively participating in sports.

    Energy drinks are hard to understand. They taste like crap, are fattening, and have high amounts of caffiene (that can be found in better tasting products)

    I just don’t get it

    • I ususally end up with the sugar free ones but I agree what really is the point. it was a fad I fell for but I think I am done. There just are not benefits anymore. And Gatorade? I can’t drink that unless I am working outside in 100 degree heat for hours. too much sugar and sodium.

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