May 272014

I have been looking at some poems that I have written and stored away.  Some haven’t seen light for years, some more recent.

None have been published anywhere before.  Most all of them are written longhand in script that matures as it grows newer.

I look at some of them and think that they may be too personal to share.  But then again that is kind of the point right?  To let others see deep down into my soul.

Today, a poem called Darkness.


Enveloping, Overpowering.

Creeping into my deluded mind.

Knowing naught where to run, I sit.

Pondering, Wondering.

About life, troubles, strife.

Somewhere I’ll find solace from the pain…

A beacon of light shines from the dark.


Creeping towards……me?

Freedom on the Horizon?

Away from all trash?

I yearn for this release,

The release from poetic pain,

The release from the darkness,

that is surrounding me with its inky cloak.

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  2 Responses to “Poetry Tuesday 2: Darkness”

  1. You have a gift, Justin.

    Good Job! I am proud of you.

    Nothing like being pulled out of the muck and mire.

    P.S. In regards to your tree poem last week … I got excited because the tree is not dead. It only appears death surrounds, but it is only a perception to those who pass by without knowing the process.

    (Okay, sorry if this is an offbeat comment, but it was exciting for me to read.)


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