I have been putting off this post for a while now. No really. I am not just saying that. I wrote the title and a few notes on October 18, 2010. I am glad that all of my posts are not this late.

It seems I am behind all over the place, especially taking last week off.  I am trying to catch up now, but the old maxim is true- it is easier to keep up than catch up.  Even the post I have for tomorrow started back at the end of September.  Which brings me to 2 questions.  1- Do you procrastinate?  Every one does to some extent.  2- Has procrastination caused you to miss out on something that is potentially good?

Back in March of this year when I was gung ho and ready to do anything I got an email from Mike Cliffe-Jones (check out his blog here) about becoming and affiliate of his book The Beginners Guide to Blogging.  I joined his “training” course and bought the book.  I then got several emails to help sell the thing.

Well it took me a few days to read the book but I never quite got around to putting out emails or promoting the sale anywhere.  Including here on my blog.  Now, the book is free from his site and I have learned a valuable lesson about internet business and getting things out to market as soon as possible.

I most definitely learned a good lesson, wait too long and the opportunity is gone.  I hate to make resolutions because they are so rarely followed. So I am making part of my business plan for 2011 “Do it now!  Opportunity won’t wait for you to get off your lazy butt!”  I am putting that in big red letters on the wall right above my desk.

Here is a challenge to you all, don’t procrastinate this year.  See what you can do if you get things done as they need to be.

I would love to read your comments below and please take the time to share on the social networking sites! Thanks in advance, you readers are why I keep doing this!