Hey Folks, back again for another Tuesday!  I hope you are having a decent week so far, It is almost Halloween!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I have almost as many Halloween decorations as I do Christmas decorations.  I don’t however have a Halloween tree just yet….Forgive this commercial but if you need anything to spook up your place for Halloween, we have signs, candle holders, table runners and more at http://brendasquiltshop.com/shop!  All orders ship priority mail for $4.95.

Anyway, for today’s installment of Poetry Thursday I present a poem that I wrote a while ago.  I submitted this to the poetry contest at Poetry.com and got a letter saying they wanted to record it as part of a collection “to be released both on compact disc (CD) and cassette tape”.  2001 doesn’t seem like that long ago but when did we lose the cassette tape?  That is another post though.

So, for today, Goodbye and Farewell

Goodbye and Farewell

Goodbye my friends, My time is ended,
The hourglass slips slowly by.
I’ll bow out graceful, and take my leave,
To be a memory by and by.
Alas, time moves swift, now so must I,
My life’s twilight approaches,
Farewell to all who knew my life,
As death inexorably encroaches.
Goodbye my friends, weep not for me,
For ’tis a better place I go.
I will keep in mind each and every one,
Through rain, and sun, and snow.
Goodbye, farewell, To the future look,
As I take my Leave, My heart stays here
I’ll Love, I’ll go, I’ll not forget…..

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading yet again!


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