May 272014
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Hey Folks how is October going?  I hope you are getting ready for Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year!  If you need decorations to spook up your crypt, head over to and get yourself some!  use the coupon code  “podcast”  for an extra 10% off our recently reduced prices with  flat rate $4.95 priority mail shipping!

Enough shameless self promotion, onto the podcast!


I would love, scratch that I require your comments below!  My comment section is more barren than a graveyard lately.  It is kind of scary…..


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  One Response to “Podcast 16: That’s Enough To Scare You!”

  1. I’m sorry it’s going to snow for you.

    It looks like a bright, sunny day here. I think it will be a great beach day.

    Enjoy your family and take care,

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