Sep 202013
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Hello all.  It seems like forever since I had a Friday post up.  That is terrible.  I really have to figure out how to structure Friday posts and get them written ahead of time.  That pre-writing challenge was great for that, I need to get back to it.

Anyhow, Today I want to talk a bit about my favorite holiday, Halloween!  I just love the fall festival of all things macabre and horrific.  It is my chance to watch all of the horror movies that I want to without anyone wondering if I have a screw loose.  My wife thinks I am just getting pointers but I really am not.

Because I didn’t get this post pout earlier, I am sitting here writing while keeping an eye on my 4 year old in the bath.  Our whole family just finished carving our Jack O’Lanterns for this year.  We have to keep the evil spirits away!

I don’t know if you all carve pumpkins or not but it is a very fun family activity.  Everyone, except the 4 month old got to participate.  We have started going to a local farmer to get our pumpkins so each of the kids gets to pick out their own and then we go home and carve the things.  I think the bulk of the fun for them is choosing and then cleaning the pumpkin.

I will get some pictures and post them in a while, probably monday with some others of the carnage that is left over from Halloween.  I hope you all are planning on doing something fun with your families this Halloween weekend.  There is plenty of time to go rent an old horror flick (we have Poltergeist ready in the DVD player with Transylvania 6-5000 right behind) and pop some corn!

Then there is Trick Or Treating tomorrow or Sunday depending where you are (here it is going to be saturday).  Get out and enjoy some good fun and scares with your family!


PS if you don’t have kids and like gory horror movies, I went to Saw 3D last night and it was way cool.  The new 3D is incredible.

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