Apr 122013

This post is about all of those things that get taken for granted with kids.  I am reaching a strange time in my life right now.  My kids are growing up.  and I am right along with them for the ride.  I have written about this before, I never really thought about my kids actually covering the space between about 9 and 20.

There are some things to get used to with that time period.  My Oldest daughter is 10 right now, soon to be 11 in August.  And she is…making a headlong dive towards puberty.  It is just a strange thing that I am not exactly worried about but in some ways makes me more nervous that potty training did.  There is a whole lot of  “real grown up dad stuff” involved in the kids growing.

My 7 year old son will be 8 in June.  There are many changes that he will be making during this next year.  he will be baptized in our church, he will become a Cub Scout.  He will be honing his outdoor skills.  Soon, he will be entering more grown up worlds as well.

My 4 year old will be 5 in May, and it is still hard to see her as anything but this little girl who went through dialysis and a kidney transplant.  She is finally back on track with most of her size ranges and learning, but she is still my little girl.  Yet she is growing right along with the rest of them.

And finally, the Baby will be one in July.  I can’t even believe how fast this year is going.  I keep thinking that I had better not blink too much or the kids will be gone and my wife and I will be empty nesters.

In summary, I love my kids.  I love the fact that I can be at home with them and watch them grow up.  I have had to grow up a bit myself along the way.  For some stupid reason, as they grow up I have to be more of a Father.  More of a Parent to them.  I know that I can not always be their friend and they will be mad at me more times than not for not allowing them to do something, but I have to be that father so they will grow up and be good people in this world.  There are far to many people who are not good people out there today.

It is just another, I don’t want to say thing to worry about, but, thing to keep in mind; I want to have a good relationship with my kids but I am not going to let them walk all over me.  I can’t be their best friend, but I can be there for them when they need it.  I will be there to scare away the dragons from the bad dream at night, or beat some come-uppins to the boyfriend that tries to get a little too friendly.  I will be the one to give my daughters away to their future husbands.  I will be the one there when their kids need a Grandpa.

I have found that, yes, the kids do grow up fast.  They grow up fast and they don’t stop.  Photographs and videos are the only times that we see the kids right at that age, forever.  And as they grow and have adventures and trials, I have to grow as well.  I only hope that I am doing all that I can and need to do to have a close family later in life.

See, I have already been imagining all of the kids coming home for Christmas and bringing their kids so we can all celebrate together, a week before Actual Christmas, so they can have their own celebration later.  I just neglected the part in the middle of the kids growing up, getting jobs, going to college, getting married and actually having those kids.

Sometimes, heck most times, perspective can be a real pain in the backside.

Have a good weekend


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  1. Justin,
    Just be a rock for your kids. They may not like you all the time but in the end they will figure it all out. Don’t pay attention to anyone but your wife along the way. They are your kids!

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