Nov 112013

Hello folks!  I hope you have had a great week!  I don’ t know the back story on this poem.  I can’t remember the circumstances of writing it.

Sometimes it is just a phrase that gets stuck in my head.  many of my poems are like that and a couple of those phrases show up in several different poems.  There are also quite a fair amount with medieval themes.  Hmmmm.



By: Justin Matthews

Ebony Velvet, Nights inky cloak.

I pause for a moment, if  only to gloat.

I’ve vanquished the foe, triumphed I have.

I stand in Victory, though in no small part sad.

The Battle is over, yet all is for naught,

I’ve lost my true love, for whom this battle was fought.

She fell in the battle her honor I now avenge,

I must now wait for eternity, to be with Her again….

Comments section is awaiting your interpretations!


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  One Response to “Poetry Tuesday: Truimph”

  1. Justin!

    Sad…. Tragedy. The lost of true love.

    Yet, the Knight will rescue and avenge his true love.

    There’s no need to wait for eternity it only takes a _ _ _ _.

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