Check your local listings but here in Utah we have had more snow in the past 2 weeks than we have had for years.  There was actually enough snow for me to get my snowblower out  a few times, last year it didn’t leave the shed.

So it brings me to this, when did it go from 60 degrees one week to 12 the next?  I haven’t finished getting my roses pruned  or my air conditioner covered and there is much snow to contend with.  I have a couple of big trees that still have leaves on them.  But the kids are having fun playing in the snow.  Even in the Blizzard warning from last Saturday.  Technically it was a blizzard but even that wasn’t that bad.

Left to right: Amelia, Leatha and Cameron playing in the snow on 11/28/10

Change is inevitable, and it will always come at a time that we may not want it to.  Just remember this, adversity DOES make us stronger, and we can all just deal with the snow.  If you don’t like it, move to Florida.

Let me know what you think about or even how the weather is at your place.


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