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Poetry Tuesday: Agony’s Dictates

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Good Last Day of November to you all!  Christmas is coming soon as is the 1 year anniversary of my online empire!  This blog officially started on Dec 14.  Self hosted took 2 more weeks but I was writing on the 14th so that is what I am going with.  I am excited!

****I really have no idea what the pic here has to do with anything in this post.  It came up in Zemanta and I am confused as well as amused.****

Today I bring you another poem that ended up in the finals of’s contest.  I still am skeptical of that, I suspect that if your poem is somewhat coherent and free of egregious errors you get in the finals so that they can sell you their compilation books.  It made me feel good at the time, until my sister got a similar letter for a huge piece of crap; and then she ordered the trophy for $50 or so.  I should run a contest like that.

Anywho….I wrote this way back in 2000 while my wife was pregnant with our first daughter.  I don’t remember much of the backstory so you can imagine your own!

Agony’s Dictates

By: Justin Matthews

Swimming and swooning,

Floating and Falling ,

All that is feel is Looming

High over my head.

Enticing me to life,

Unto my Feelings,

Unto my Eternal Soul.

I scream with great fervor to the sky:

“Sweet Agony!  Sweet Agony!

Why does’t thou torture me so?”

My life is simple, yet very complex.

All that I want and feel,

I cannot yet have.

Thus, Sweet Agony, you reign supreme,

Pulling me several directions at once,

Forcing me to be complacent.

Until the reckoning…..

I would love to read your comments!

have a great week.


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