May 272014
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hello all of you wonderful readers!  I ahve hit a milestone here at Catharsis of the Bogue.  It was 1 year ago today that I put up my first ever blog post on the internet!  That blog was on at the time and frustrated me because I couldn’t modify it enough and put ads so right after the first of the year I migrated to

There have been so many good things to happen over this year.  I have met many many good people and learned so much about Blogging as a whole.  Sometimes I still feel like I am coming in at the tail end of the Blogging thing but other times I am right in the thick of it.

Things have changed around here since those first posts.  Now, there is not so much of a dear diary feeling, and I actually want people to read my stuff.  I think my writing has improved greatly.

I have received much help and suggestions from people who have come and gone during this past year.  I remember when I was celebrating 3 months, and then 6 months and a lot of my friends were only wraiths on twitter and no longer Blogging.

There are people who I have respected and learned a lot from who have decided that Blogging is not what they want to do anymore.  Yes, it is Nathan Hangen but I can only thank him for giving me so much drive and desire to create.  It was his…influence that started me on the podcasting thing.  Thanks Nathan, just one more thing to do.  I still want to blog though.

So what is in store for the future of this site?  For now, business as usual.  There will be some changes coming but they will be a while before implementing.   I never dreamed when I wrote that first “diary entry” that I would be here now, with 3 blogs, 3 partners and all of you readers.  This post will be number 200 on this site.  One of those is a guest post, the rest are mine.  There are also nearly 102,000 words written here, that is a decent sized novel.  And that doesn’t include the podcasts.  There will be more of those, as well as some fiction audio.  I think I am getting myself figured out now.

So, for all of you that have been here from the beginning, Thank You so very much for sticking with me.  For those who have recently come here, or even those who are visiting for the first time today, Thank You very much for being here.  I hope that you all stick with me for the next few years, ’cause I ain’t goin’ no where.

Thanks so much yet again, Poetry will resume next week!


PS the comic up there means “There is nothing about Blogging!”

PPS. I dunno what the bbbwwwoggginngg crap is all about, that showed up on the site but it looks ok in edit mode….Blogging has been replaced..I will have to figure it out later I am taking my daughter to kidney clinic today and that takes a while…sorry for the wierdness

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  1. Justin,
    What a difference a year makes.

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