May 272014
Largest open space in Reading.
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Hey Folks I don’t know if anyone is actually reading this blog anymore or if the traffic I am getting is just from google bots, but I am still going to post some stuff.

If you are real and reading this right now, please let me know by retweeting or sharing or even leaving a comment or an e-mail to let me know if the comments are working!

Thanks for your support this year, in just a week will be my one year anniversary on my self hosted site…

And now, a poem!  I don’t have a title for this one, maybe you guys can help.

The dead lay rotting on the blighted ground,

Good, bad, evil, pure, the bodies of all are littered around.

Women weep, Children cry out.

Our hero stands alone on the field of death,

Surrounded by carnage, it is for the best.

With a flourish of his cloak and a nod to the crowd,

our hero vanishes in a magical cloud.

As soon as it began, the revolution was done,

The memory fading with the setting of the sun.

Indebted all were to the nameless wraith,

A hero born of fear, imagination, and faith.

Yet he fades in sweet memory even as we speak,

and for now he is gone, faded into the past…..

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  2 Responses to “Poetry Tuesday: A dark one….”

  1. Had a nice flow to it, Justin. Write on.

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