Moon shining over Cabra Corral dam
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Man this day is flying by and I just realized that I didn’t have this post ready to go out.  Anyway, I thought I would feature another poem from my Grandfather.  He still is an inspiration to my poetry writing  even though he has been gone almost 10 years.  Huh.







Anyway, today is one of his poems:

The Old Corral Gate

By: J. Emerson Staples

I stood alone at the old corral gate

And watched the moon rise high above the hill.

It was my Sweetheart’s 70th birthday

Everything was so quiet and still.

You see she passes away several years ago,

Since then I have been so lonesone,

I scarcely knew what to do or where to go.

Then I looked up at the moon,

It sort of smiled at me as if to say,

Your Sweetheart is so happy, I checked on her today.

She said she dearly loves you, and prays for you each day,

Trusting that you will never never falter

and always walk the straight and narrow way.

Then the moon it faded from my view

And all that I could think about Sweetheart

Was our many many blessings, me and you.

Go be inspired…


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