May 272014
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Guru’s talk about balance all of the time.  I for one am not very good at balance.  I have gone through periods where I have been OK at it, but most of the time I can balance about as good as a drunk, one legged beggar in an earthquake.  I am working on it though, but I seem to be much more of a planner than one who actually gets $#!^ done.

I have to get back to where I was at my best in May or so last year.  I could write, keep up with the kids, keep up with the house and chug along just fine.  Somewhere after that I stumbled and I am not sure I am back entirely yet.

It is hard to come back and balance everything life throws at you.  It is hard to keep family, job, finances and all of the other balls in the air.  I am glad that I do not have friends that demand anything of me, they would not get it.

So my question to you all, how do you find balance?  There are 24 hours in the day for everyone, some people can balance their lives.  Some people do not have a problem keeping up with everything that they need to.

How do you guys do it?  How do you find time for everything that you want to do, or do you just give things up?  I have given up almost all television and movies and I still am behind.  Where do you find your balance.

The comments are waiting for your sage wisdom…..Also, is anyone interested in being a guest on my podcast?  I would like to interview or at least chat with someone on the podcast, please let me know if you are interested, I am.

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  One Response to “The Quest for Balance…”

  1. Justin,
    The truth is, I don’t.  I fool myself into thinking it’s balanced but then something comes along to demonstrate its not.  I’ve stropped really worrying about it.   So long as something is moving forward and the rest isn’t dragging too badly.  I just stumble on. I think that its the curse of humanity.  Why should you be any different?

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