May 272014

Yes friends it is a statement virtually everyone on the planet has uttered at some point.  “Yea, I’ll do it when I get around to it.”  Well then, here!

These are silly things but very popular a few years ago.  I remember being on vacation with my parents 20+ years ago and my mom found one of these, scratch that a bucket of these wooden disks with only “Tuit” written on them.  She laughed for days on that vacation, all over the tuit.

The point of all of this, go ahead and download the pictures and realize that you no longer have an excuse.  have you heard the phrase, “Excuses are like *insert your favorite body part here, the more graphic the better*, everybody has one.”  Well excuses don’t pay the bills or get the writing done or get the new kitchen sink installed. ( I still have some counter work to do before I can set the sink but I wanted to write for a minute.)


Here is something interesting I didn’t get this post finished a week ago so here I am.  I guess I need a new tuit because mine is a crock of crap.  I did get my kitchen put together and countertops installed though.  I just am now not giving the tuit its due.  I have a few different ones now and I have no more excuses.  This week I will get all of my writing done.  I will get some posts ready for days that I run short on time.  I will be back to the point I was a year ago when things were new and flying furiously from my fingers.

Hold on because I now have gotten a round tuit.

Thanks for reading, I have some interesting posts planned that I just haven’t written yet.  Let me know what you think about things.


  3 Responses to “Do you have yours yet???”

  1. Since your round tuit isn’t doing it’s job, just bypass it and get to work. Did you install completely new kitchen cabinets? If so, how did you (and more importantly) your wife cope in the meantime. In my house no round tuits would be tolerated. You should post pictures and a video. Maybe even celebrate with a kettlebell serenade.

    • round tuits I now believe are bunk. I only redid the sink and corner cabinets but all of the countertops with new plumbing for the sink and dishwasher. We were without a sink for less than 24 hours but in a countertop mess for a couple of days. We went with butcher block so I had to seal all of them. we are finishing the backsplash now

  2. “bout damn time. I know two Coots who were beginning to get a bit worried about ya…

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