Sep 262013
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I don’t know if this is a phenomenon that everyone experiences but here is something that I have noticed.  As my blog has gotten older, the amount of spam that I have been receiving in the comments has reduced a great deal.  I don’t know if it is a function of my neglect of the blog lately or if it really has to do with something else.

I did go back to using Disqus for my comment system but even before that Akismet seemed a bit lonely.  I don’ t know if this is a good sign or not.  I am thinking while my blog has stagnated so have comments.  I have been getting fairly decent traffic but not many comments over the past year.  But for the spam to reduce?

Has anyone else experienced this?  The most important question then arises, should I worry that a lack of spam is a lack of growth on the site overall? Please give some input in the comments below if you have any experience with this.

Another quick question, is there any way to determine what percentage of your page visits are from people and how many are from bots and spiders?  I am not sure that all of my traffic is actually from people but I can’t determine which is which.  Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Justin,
    I guess this is more evidence that I don’t know what I am doing. I have Akismet. I don’t see anything other than what Akismet likes. Do I know what Akismet has blocked? No, Do I know how many are blocked? No. Do I care? Not much.

  2. I don’t know the answer to your questions, but I have fun with Spam. I edit it with sarcastic comments and change the URL and email address. Even did a post on the results.

  3. Justin,

    Since I still use Askimet I would say the spam that “gets through” has decreased. I think some spam filters may have gotten more rigorous. I find about 1 good comment (from someone I know) in the spam bin every day. But still average a few hundred spams a day -that are filtered.

    • Hey Steve, you know I have akismet too but it is not getting too much of a workout. Can’t say I’m complaining though.

      • Justin, first off, I like your blog. With regards to Akismet, it’s an interesting anti-spam tool. There are plenty of pros and cons that I’m witnessing. The bad news is that it can swipe out one too many legitimate comments but the good news is that it can be a learning tool. For months, I and my favorite site folks have been unable to deal with mysterious disappearances of my posts and a lot of my good friends on that site were shocked to see all my posts vanish just like that. Not only that but some of my comments that were months old would also get axed and no moderator would ever bother to delete them on such a crowded site. I don’t know what to tell my friends if I ever make it back in one piece. They didn’t know who to blame, the site or disqus. I’m not a spammer nor would I ever be one. I get a bad feeling that I might have been mistaken by akismet as one thanks to people doing rogue flagging on disqus. There’s more to say but if my comment doesn’t make it through, please email me if possible. Thanks.

        Update: On another disqus powered site that uses Akismet, my comment never went through and they don’t do moderation. I never even visited that site.

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