May 272014

hello Folks, did you miss me?  I am finally getting back on the horse after way too long away.  Today I have a rather cheesy poem that I wrote quite a while ago while playing with some different themes.  This is comedy with some pretty groanable rhymes.  It should at least make you smile.  have a good day and look for an actual post Tomorrow, I am going to switch my day off to Monday because I can’t seem to get anything written for Monday lately.  Of course that goes for the rest of the week as well.

New Schedule: Monday off, Tuesday poetry, Wednesday musings, Thursday podcast or musings, Friday SAHD stuff, Saturday fiction.  Lets see how good I can keep up on it this time!  Thanks for reading, you guys are awesome.


The City,

By Justin Matthews

The dingy grey of the city morn, dulls my senses as someone honks a horn.

I drive and drive looking for a place to park, I’d better hurry or it will be dark!

There’s bums on the sidewalk and beggars in the street, be careful walking or you’ll step on their feet!

Some are deranged, Some have soul, Some you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole!

Around a corned I turn just in time, to see a bum fall over and spill his wine.

You walk past buildings that tower high in the air, you may even get to see someones derrière.

The people are friendly if you meet the right sort, be careful what you say or they’ll sue you in court!

You can work all day and get off at 5, good luck driving home, hope you get there alive.

For this story is real and frighteningly true, but don’t be discouraged, sad, or blue.

So heed these warnings and tread lightly my friend, for if you’re not careful this city will be your end!


Wow, typing that up I realized just how bad it is.  Wow.  At least there is an outlet for bad poetry, as long as it is acknowledged as such.  It is also fairly politically incorrect.  I am almost embarrassed I published it…..almost.

Kinda makes you appreciate the other ones eh?

Thanks again for reading, I am glad it was short so you could get through it.  See you tomorrow.


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