May 272014

Hello Folks.  Today I bring you another review of not only a site, but some social media as well!  I was contracted to take a look at Infinity DISH.  They are the largest retailer of DISH Network service in North America.  They are always seeking subscribers to their services and now they are expanding into the social media realm.

Infinity DISH is now online at as well as on Twitter at Infinity DISH Facebook and on Facebook at DISH TV Twitter.

So, Infinity DISH tells me that they really want to put the word out to the entire country that they are now on social media.  They plan to use both Facebook and Twitter to promote their newest products and new technologies that are being developed.  I have been watching the Facebook page for a few days now and so far, it is just a static advertisement for a really great deal on DISH Network programming.  These ads are good too, if I didn’t already have DISH I would be calling them.  And that I am not saying because they are sponsoring this post.

If you are a big Facebook fan and looking for some good deals on first class TV, head over to Infinity DISH Facebook and like their page.  Meanwhile, at the same time in another window, I had their Twitter account up.

DISH TV Twitter is much more active than the Facebook page for now.  I have seen tweets for upcoming programs and upcoming pay per view movies as well as special subscription deals and updates on some technological inventions that DISH Network has, like HDTV receivers, DVR’s and a little device that allows you to watch DISH programming anywhere…portable that is.

And now for the Website.  There are 5 TV packages that are under $50 to start, free HD for life and free installation as well as other specials and bonuses that you will just have to go to and see for yourself.

So my conclusion, head over to the website, sign up to follow Infinity DISH on Twitter (if for nothing else the tech updates are interesting) and “like” their fan page on Facebook.  And, if you don’t have DISH Network, they may just convince you to subscribe, they want you to be a long term customer.

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend folks.



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