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As much as I would like to just repost what I wrote last year about Memorial Day, I can’t do that.  But I will link to it!  CLICK HERE to see that post.

This year I still want to reflect on what Memorial Day should mean to everyone living in this big old country of ours.  Today, Memorial Day is the day where we honor all of those in our lives who have passed on.  We put flowers on the graves of our Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and sometimes Parents who have preceded us into the great beyond.

That is a wonderful thing to do, don’t get me wrong.  We went today to decorate my Father in laws grave and I really enjoy driving around to the back of the cemetery and seeing all  of the flowers, flags and other memorials that people have erected for their loved ones.

It is particularly touching for me to see all of the flags being placed on the graves of the veterans who have served this country over our history.  The staff of the cemetery were there giving out the flags for the asking to place where they were needed.  I took a tip from good ol’ Uncle Bob over at Juicy Maters and placed a flag on a grave near my Father in laws that doesn’t seem to get much attention.

Memorial Day is a good reminder to those of us visiting various cemetery’s.  The flags show us just how many there served our country.  Some have monuments to the “hometown boys” who fought and sacrificed their lives for the cause of Freedom.  An essential right that some take for granted today.  We all need to be reminded just how many people gave their all for us to be here today.

So today before anything else, I am going to fly my flag, say the pledge of allegience and salute all of those brave men and women who, from the revolutionary war to those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan today, make this the best damn country in the world to live.  Thank you all, thank you for serving, thank you for keeping Freedom such an important right.  And to those who have given their all, I hope you are up there in Heaven, proud of the sacrifice you made, proud to be a part of the history of the USA, and the underlying ideals that you have preserved.  Thank you again, even though those words sound like so little for such a great contribution.  Nonetheless, Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

And I am going to Barbecue and watch Baseball today, on TV though, it is still raining here in what is a record breaking wet spring in Utah.  Thanks for reading this blog that has been made possible by so many who have defended our Constitution over the years.


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