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Hello all. I bet you thought the title of this post was one of those fake scarcity things or that my blog was going to be gone in 15 minutes. Not even close. If you have ever heard of Seth Godin, and let’s face it if you are into internet business anywhere you probably have, he started a little trend a while ago called the Domino Project. All of the details are on Amazon.com (my amazon affiliate link not domino project).

He started with a Kindle book called “Poke the Box” and the project has grown. Check out the details for yourself HERE. One of the latest pieces of the domino project has to do with Ralph Waldo Emerson. They are running a 30 day writing challenge at http://ralphwaldoemerson.me/ You sign up here and commit to creating something over the next 30 days. See the trends on Twitter: #Trust30.

So I started this challenge and today the writing prompt was, You only have 15 minutes to live, write the story that needs to be told in that 15 minutes.

Of all the things that keep you going through life, your family is the only one that will endure.  For the most part.  There are levels of family that I have discovered, levels that have been forged over the years and some are the strongest joins ever, some were not that great and are barely hanging on, and some are gone forever, and some are in the process of being repaired.

The strongest bonds I have are with my immediate family now.  My wife and my kids are the solid bonds.  The ones with my kids are being worked on continously, trying to forge those unbreakable bonds.  I feel that my wife and I are at that point, and should be after 18 years together.

The other bonds that have not failed but are weak at best are with my parents.  For some reason as I have had a family and as they have gotten older we have drifted apart.  I am grateful that those bonds are still there at all.  The bond with one of my sisters is tenuous, broken for a while, sort of being repaired but the line is thin.

Recently the bond with my other sister and her family that I thought was getting stronger was broken nearly all the way through.  It is sad that one incident can take something that was getting stronger and now is barely there.  I hope it can be rebuilt.

In all of this though, the bond is family.  I can pretty much guarantee that if any of us really needs help badly that all of us will go and help.  I know that I would do ANYTHING for my kids and my wife and I hope that will endure as they grow up and have families of their own.  I want to be the Grandpa with the strong bonds to the grandkids.  I don’t want to drift away and have weak bonds with my kids.

How are your family bonds?  All I can say is, work hard on all of them, when the &%$& hits the fan, they will be there for you.  Have a great day!


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