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Nothing But A Pile Of Sticks: Part 1

Foreclosure, Mortgage Crisis. Deserted House.

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Hello all.  It has been quite a while since I have written anything, let alone a blog post.  This has been a very busy/traumatic/brain bending/insane type of month.  I have barely been on the computer, and nowhere near keeping up with any of my blogs.  So now, I am back like the prodigal son.  And write I will.

Today I want to hit on some of these things that have been happening to my family.  First of all, we have become a statistic.  For bett…well for worse, not for better we have become one of the millions that have been forced from their home by unethical banks that have way too many divisions and wait for their ultimate reward, foreclosure.

Over the past year now we have been trying…..well I guess I should go past tense and say we had been trying to do one of those loan modifications to get our payments down a bit because of the medical bills that were coming in for my daughter.  Sounded like a good idea.  But let me tell you, hoops jumped through, reams of paperwork faxed in, hours on the phone, have all resulted in nothing.

We were still being told they were “working” on our modification and working on it they did not.  I found out that while the one department was still “working” on it, another had sold the house back to the bank.  I was still trying to modify the mortgage and it was already gone.  Apparently, this is a common practice where there are several departments and several branches and none of them are quite as connected as they should be.

Couple that with some nifty lawyerin’ and some practices that are just barely legal enough to slip by a judge but are in no means ethical gave us 48 hours to move out of our home before it was locked and taken by the bank.

Now, long time readers of this blog know that I am a stay at home dad.  Any given day I can be seen holding my son and walking around.  We were told that the notice to vacate in 3 days was served to me, holding the baby on Fathers Day.  I don’t seem to remember that, I found the notice on monday night with the mail.  And it was just too late to do anything legally to stop it.

Yes we have lawyers now that are trying to find something that may get us back into the house or a settlement for bad practices (that is more likely) but good grief.  That house does not even feel like….anything anymore.  My daughter Leatha said there was just no love there anymore.  I had to agree with the clarity of that statement.

My friend Bob ( and said via skype that the house is just a pile of sticks, and there are other piles of sticks.  He is right, that old house is just a pile of sticks, and the new one we are renting is becoming home.

I will have more about this whole fiasco tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Houses are replaceable…homes aen’t…and a home is within us, not built on some concrete foundation with lumber and shingles…though I would like to have had the farmhouse/apronfront sink…jes’ sayin’…

    • Thanks Bob, that is just what I was saying. and that was the sink that I kept. The one we have in this rental place is pitifully small and shallow…we got spoiled but it will be back!

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