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Nothing But A Pile Of Sticks: Part 4- The Hotel and The Search

Boba Fett

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So by now you know of just some of the crap that has completed our lives here at the Matthews house over the past month and a bit.  I have covered the reality and the move so here is the next chapter in the saga.  I could only wish that this saga chapter four was in any way comparable to another saga chapter four namely “Star Wars”.  But alas, as much as I would like to be, I will never be Boba Fett.

Upon the complete removal of our stuff from the old pile of sticks and the stowing of such in a couple of tin boxes behind a security gate, we had no place to go.  No apartment or house lined up, no place to stay the night unless wee wanted to set up the tent trailer.  The “desperately needing a shower after a day of moving in 100 degree heat” negated the trailer.

So, Hotel it was.  We were very late getting to the hotel, 11:30 or so.  We picked a hotel that was fairly close to the kids who were staying at my Aunts house.  We hoped that this would be a place we could make our home base for a week but it wasn’t.  Enough said.  The next day we found a really good hotel that helped us out a lot with a discount for the week and a lower price on 2 adjoining rooms because they didn’t have the family suite available.

Check out the Country Inn and Suites across the country, I would recommend them to anyone.  We were able to stay there a week with internet access and free breakfast.  It was there that we scoured the internet looking for a suitable place to land.  Let me tell you, there are some really crappy places out there for a bunch of money.  We came to the conclusion that many people were trying to get an expensive mortgage payment plus profit for a little piece of crap that needs a lot of work.

We must have looked at 50 places that ran the gauntlet from abandoned for years and would take a miracle to be livable to pretty nice.  We were almost down to apartments as we were getting desperate and close to our deadline.  Homes were our choice but anything in a pinch right?  We ended up in a pretty nice house that was approved on our last night in the hotel.

That next day was busy.  Check out of the hotel, sign the new lease, start moving in.  In the course of a week and a half, I had driven more U-haul trucks than I care to think about.  The only time I have done more is when I worked there!  More tomorrow on the next phase of the move over the July 4th weekend.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Justin,
    It looks like things are beginning to turn around.

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