Nov 112013

Hello folks, welcome to another edition of Poetry Tuesday!  Today is another one that is almost 10 years old.  I like going through some of my “archives” and sharing it with you all.

Today: Goodbye and Farewell.

Goodbye and Farewell

By: Justin Matthews

Goodbye my friends, My time is ended.

The hourglass slips slowly by.

I’ll bow out graceful, and take my leave,

To be a memory by and by.

Alas, time moves swift, now so must I,

My life’s twilight approaches.

Farewell to all who knew my life,

As death inexorably encroaches.

Goodbye my friends, weep not for me,

For ’tis a better place I go.

I will keep in mind each and every one,

Through rain and sun and snow.

Goodbye, farewell, to the future look,

As I take my leave, my heart stays here,

I’ll love, I’ll go, I’ll not forget…..

Have a great Tuesday.


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