Sep 262013

Hello Minions.  Well, I have done it.  You see the “thing” right below these words?  Yes it is a video.  Watch it, and then discuss it in the comments.  For you purists out there, the audio is available on the whole post, click the MORE link below the video.  Show notes are there as well!

The Video:

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The Audio:

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SHOW NOTES, or Stuff I Blabbered On About:

Courtney Cantrell’s Blog: Get Shorty and But I’m A Novelist – Why Write Short Stories?

REM.  Probably will get sued over this part, but “It’s the end of the world”  is a great song.  Here is REM’s Website (If it really is a problem please just let me know and I will fix it.)

David Risley’s video posts: Behind The Scenes on Creating Videos For This Blog   AND   How To Easily Create A Video Gallery On Your Blog

DIY Themes Posts:  Why You Should Start Using Video On Your Blog (Watch This 3-Minute Video) and  The #1 Reason Why You Should Create A Video Today (Hint: More Traffic and…) for the Talk Like A Pirate Day Podcast!

Talk Like a Pirate Day official Website

Amazon (affiliate link)

Gymboss review 


Death With a Vengeance: My Page, Amazon’s page!  and Denver

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