Jul 022013

Hello all.  I have another poem for you, this othne is newer but still been around a bit.


Remember the special Talk Like a Pirate Day Podcast will be Monday!  If you would like to join in on some talking like a pirate fun, I will be recording part of the podcast via skype on Friday the 16 at 5 PM Eastern time, that is 3 my time.  If you would like to join in, email me at justin@justinsbrainpan.com and we will set it up.


Enjoy the Poem, see you tomorrow.


Dark Clouds the Horizon yields,

A storm brews in my soul.

Torment and anguish twist themselves

Round me like Iron Bands.

A storm builds – explosion eminent.

Can my spirit survive the onslaught?

Will I be extinguished?

Will my life’s light be snuffed out

Like so many candles in the wind?

So Fragile, so strong at the same time

Can this inner torment be quelled?

Is there a balm for this pain?

Can Music save my soul,

Or am I ever Damned to silence,

And Pain in the void…

Is there light in a melody

That I can harness into a feeling?

Only time will tell,

Until then, I search…..

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  One Response to “Poetry Tuesday: The Silence”

  1. The most I can do on talk like a pirate day is say arrrghhh!  Surely somebody out their is more talented.

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