Nov 112013
Orson Welles

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Hey folks, I know it has been way too long but I am here today to talk about Halloween!  If you know me, Halloween is like my second favorite holiday of the year.  I just like the decorations, the fall, the candy, the gore.  Horror movies are my favorite and I have an excuse to watch them all month long.  If you need some graphics for your invites or next years website celebration, I have a package HERE.

If you are a long time reader here you also know that I love old radio.  Stories presented for your imagination to fill in details.  On of the finest shows ever on radio was the Mercury Theater on the Air.  It didn’t last long by itself but it had some brilliant drama.  Orson Welles was very shrewd.

Which brings me to today.  Or rather yesterday.  73 years ago yesterday, October 30, 1938, Mercury Theater presented “The War of the Worlds”.  There was panic, media sensations and apologies issued later.  Read the wikipedia page here.  If you haven’t listened to the original broadcast, you can download it here.  It really is good, I listen to it every year on Halloween eve.  You can read some stories about the broadcast here, and read a transcript here if you want to.

All in all go out and enjoy Halloween.  We had some great parites over the weekend even though my daughter was back in the hospital for a couple of days.  We already have a hoarde of candy for the rug rats.  Tonight they get more!  Remember to keep your little tricksters safe, go with them to trick or treat and check their candy afterwards.  They get some good stuff that you can take and call “Taxes”.  If they complain make them watch the Disney version of Robin Hood and be grateful they are not in prison for not paying their taxes.

Go be scary and have fun.


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