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Today is now known as Cyber Monday.  It sounds ominous and it probably should, you couldn’t possibly shop online any other time of the year.  So why do they insist on getting your cash today??  The only explanation I can think of is so the online retailers can get in on some of that Black Friday cash.

It is not like anyone shops online for Black Friday anyway.  You should, many of the same deals in the stores are available online at the same time.  And you don’t have to stand out in the cold or deal with crowds, out of stock items and people in general.

Personally, I like to do most of my shopping online.  Except for food, I can usually find what I want for a reasonable price.  Plus, they send it right to your house.  Yea, I like that.  So, as this Monday goes, are you going to be shopping Cyber Monday in any way other than your normal online shopping habits?  I am not.  If you do decide to shop online, especially at Amazon.com, Please click to Amazon through this link or using the link in the sidebar right over there.  You get what you want and I get a little slice from Amazon for sending you there.  I could use it this year.

So, let me know what you are planning on doing this cyber monday.  I am going to get my Christmas Tree decorated.  Thanks for playing, see you tomorrow.


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