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Where exactly do some people find their energy?  Mine is sapped most of the time, life in general takes as much out of me as the kids and the extended family.  My brain hurts….  This is why I am wondering just where some of these “Guru’s” get their enthusiasm and energy.

I find it hard to get out of bed some days and here is another email with “the best thing you ever saw on the net for making money!”  they then proceed to tell you how great this program is and how they continue to make thousands upon thousands of dollars each year doing just this system.  Personally I think it is just selling this system to dupes like me who want to make some income on this internet thing.

Yet they keep coming back again and again full of enthusiasm and gusto for whatever product they are hawking at the time.  So what is it that motivates these guys (or girls…back off Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project…ok that may be link bait but I love her energy)

How do people keep coming up with ideas that are interesting, profound and helpful?  Ok I have a bunch of ideas but I am not sure they are getting out there like they should.  It is one thing to have the ideas, yet another to put them out to the masses.  Just the other day I was preforming menial chores and came up with some great ideas for Christmas presents to give extended family and also an idea for a new podcast.

I know you are saying, “But Justin, you don’t do the podcasts you have promised us now.  Besides they are not very interesting, why would you do something new???”  I say, “Shut up.  It’s my blog, I will do what I want.”  I like podcasts, I just have not been trying hard enough.  Or should the statement be, I am just not DOING enough.  Yea that one.

I started this online journal thing almost 2 years ago and it has evolved into several blogs and darn near a business.  I did great guns for a long time and then I got 3 flat tires and could only replace them with wooden wheels that were warped slightly out of round.  They still worked but the mileage was negligible.  This year the other tire went, the donkey died and I ran out of grease for the axles.  Now, my blogs are moving slowly and they make a lot of noise for no good purpose.

I want to change that again, I want to be spewing stuff out so fast it makes your head swim.  But my energy level is somewhat like the batteries in that flashlight you have in your junk drawer.  They work but the only thing you can read by that dismal bulb is the electricians phone number.  So, irons back into the fire, caffeine drip at the ready and find some time and energy somewhere.

any ideas?  Don’t think I will actually end up doing any of your suggestions, but that is just my laziness and not because they are not good ideas.  I still would like to hear from you.  What do you do to stay motivated and get that infectious energy that is needed to be an online entrepreneur?

Comments await your sage wisdom below.

See you tomorrow.


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