Sep 262013
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We all have dealt with the futility of trying to catch up.  Whether it is on TV shows, with sleep or on blog posts.  It always seems like there is something more that I can’t get done.  There are times when I say, “Ok I am just going to stop and start fresh right now.”  You all know this, I have said it enough on here.  But when is that just a cop out?  most of the time I guess.  I don’t think catch up will ever happen.

Right now, I have 13 more posts in queue that are all just snippets of ideas.  They all ave less than 25 words in them and are just ready to be fleshed out into wonderful and exciting posts.  some of them have been around a long time.  This one has a date of May 17, 2011, that would have been the date I wrote the title.

As you can tell, I am a little behind.  Or am I?  So again, I have to say, “This week is new.  My blog lives again.”   I am turning off the life support and beating it into submission.  The new host is almost ready to rock and I am going to head into year three screaming and on fire.  I know I can’t catch up.  I just have to move ahead.

I would ask how you feel but it seems my comment section is broken, or  you don’t like disqus.  If that is the case, shoot me an email with that nifty contact form over there and say so.  I would like to know my stuff is being read by more than my buddies Ralph and Bob and the Google crawlers.

Today we are heading to “Santa’s Workshop” via the Polar Express with the Make-A-Wish foundation.  I will be writing about that on Amelia’s site tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday


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