Mar 242014

Hey there folks, I hope you are not going crazy with all of the posts that I had this week showing up twice.

I just changed hosting companies and had to rebuild my stuff this week.  So that is where we are today.  this post is short and to the point. will no longer be here after my current contract is up.  I am still going to try and retain it but if I can’t so be it.   So right now, why you are thinking about it, please go click on my donate button and then update your bookmarks.

The new site name will be, well is,   I have forwarded and I also have forwarded.

so remember, new bookmark at

besides, it fits with my site better now anyway.

Thanks for watching, more interesting stuff will be coming!



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  One Response to “The change has happened!”

  1. Change is good.  Isn’t that why we elected Obama?

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