May 272014
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Hello, Good day and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is recovered from the weekend parties and is ready to get back to work today.  My wife had to work at the hospital yesterday, the 1st, and she said there were an amazing amount of people who were there because of headaches and dehydration.   Why?  Drinking.  The truth is they were looking for Dr. Excused work notes.  Silly people.

Anyway today is a big day for posts about Resolutions and things that will be going on in the new year.  I have decided that I am not going to do that.  First of all, it is boring to you all, and it doesn’t really do anything but feed my tiny ego anyway.  So I am not going to list my resolutions here.

What I am going to tell you is that this blogging experiment that I started 2 years ago is awesome.  I still love to write and maintain it even if I haven’t been very good doing it last year.  I am going to be working hard at it again, just like I did 2 years ago, growing and building this site and my online business.

If there are any real people out there actually reading this dribble, there will be more.  As for resolutions, How many of you are planning on pretending to fix your life this year?  I am not going to pretend, I am going to do.  That is all for today, please join in a discussion below in the comments or shoot me an email with all of the things that I am doing wrong or you think that I could or should change.

I probably wont listen but it is worth a shot.  Finally, Go Broncos!  It has been a long time since they have made the playoffs.  Are they going to make the Superbowl?  Not a chance.  And that is coming from a fan who lived through 3 dismal Superbowls and the ’80’s edition of the team.  I have been there a long time with my butt firmly attached to the bandwagon.  With screws and Liquid Nails.  Probably some duct tape as well.

Have a good one.


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