May 272014

hey folks.  Today is the day.  Well technically Friday is the day the Pre-Writing Challenge starts.  Today I plan to raid my old notebooks and search out all of the bits of paper that I can find with any sort of writing idea on it.

I should have enough ideas to fill my challenge list and much more. I was reading through some papers that I had in a box a while ago. Most of them were drafts of projects from high school and different writing projects that I have done. I looked at these and said, “I should rewrite this one”. I have a few stories like that. I am going to rework some of them and maybe they can be published.

I have one set that I have always loved. It is a first person detective comedy that is filled with rampant sarcasm but not very good writing. I have 4 stories in the series that get better and better. I always thought they could be published together as the ZXC Chronicles. I have notes for part 5, I think I am going to rewrite that whole thing.

If that same box there are several little notes with band names, story ideas, snippets of song lyrics and words that sounded good together at one time.  Many of these snippets could be blog posts and some could be quite good or quite profound.  Maybe just something funny.  I think that as part of the Pre Writing Challenge I will try some different styles of posts.  Funny, ironic, list, classical hungarian, ok maybe not that one.  I am going to use this challenge to not only write more, but to expand the depth of my writing, which is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place.

Short one today, have to get the munchkin to the hospital for tests.  Kidney Transplant doctors are paranoid when fevers top 102 degrees.

Until Tomorrow,


PS Did I mention my Pre-Writing Challenge Page???  check it out!

  6 Responses to “Digging for and Dusting Off Post Ideas”

  1. Brother top post, just wanted to say I hope the little ‘un is OK
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..I Rank Higher Than ProBloggers, But Make No Money =-.

  2. Cyou could be at the top of your niche with classical hungarian…think about it.

    That’s awesome that you plan to use the challenge to diversify your writing. Good juju to you hombre.

  3. Old notebooks! You are a freaking genius. I have a huge stack of those.

    Actually, my mind has been in such a whirlwind lately I have no shortage of current ideas – the question is, how many of them will make it past the initial stages?

    Iambic pentameter? Be sure to Tweet that one for me, because I want to read it. I’m lucky if I can get a sensible couplet down!

    .-= Megan´s last blog ..And Then I Cried… =-.

    • I have many ideas that will never make it past the first sentence. And, for real, my briefcase with many of my notes was covered in dust yesterday. I was being metaphoric in the post. I am still looking for my poem…can’t seem to find it.
      Thanks for reading!

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