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I know I know, Poetry should be on Tuesday.  But this week I am a day off.  Let’s get right to it then!

Peritoneal dialysis

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This poem was written at a conference we went to at Kidney Kamp after my daughter got sick.  We had been trying to do Peritoneal Dialysis on her for 4 months at this point, and it was not working.  It was at this camp that we finally ended all of the attempts at PD(peritoneal Dialysis) and went exclusively to Hemo Dialysis in the clinic.  She had been doing Hemo during those 4 months as well.

This conference, actually more of a symposium on dealing with kidney disease had a lady come in and have the parents write about their feelings.  Good for me, I wrote 2 pretty good poems that day.  I wil feature the other one another week.

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4 months of PD

By: Justin Matthews

I grumble as the alarm goes off again.

Reset, reset, reset, will this night never end?

How many times have I fought this battle?

Is it only force of will that makes this stupid cycler work?

Or will it be the hammer that I am so tempted to find?

This Baby can’t handle much more–

How much is too much for a fifth catheter to bear?

Will this PD never work?

How many of these supplies can I return?

What is the schedule for Hemo do we choose?

If this machine goes off one more time…

Page the Doctor.

It is not working again.

I have done all I can.

Stop now, no draining.  She has no more room for fluid.

Try to sleep now, Hemo Dialysis begins in a few hours.

Little did we know then but Hemo would go on for another 2 years, 4 times a week.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Likes like it was worth it from that picture.

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