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**editors note, for some reason this didn’t post Monday or Tuesday and I didn’t check it.  Pretend it is Monday to read this.  You could then pretend it is Friday and get a head start on the weekend.**

This title sounds like some sort of bizarre philosophical question but it is really more like a game show.  This is the sleep deprived thought that came into my head last night.  Why would this come into my head?  Well, that is what I intend to regale you with today.

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday.  Due to a variety of circumstances including kids, church, scout meetings and just general noise, I have yet to view all of the commercials that are so lauded during the game itself.  The game was pretty good though.  I will report on the commercials maybe tomorrow after I look them up online.

As a part of Superbowl Sunday, as everyone should know, there is food.  Copious amounts of food, layered in salsa and jalapenos.  I actually made a turkey on Saturday and we had sandwiches.  It was pretty good.  For dessert, and here is where the point starts, my wife made brownies.  She even looked up a new recipe just for me.

See, I like the fudgy type brownies while she usually likes the cake style.  She made fudgy.  And they were good.  “Is there a real point, and when does he get to the poop?” you may be asking yourself.  It is coming I promise.

The family also gets to eat dessert of course.  If you have forgotten, or are not here from my other domain, I have 4 kids aged 11, 8, 5 and 19 months.  My story now centers on the 19 month old.  You can probably guess the direction now.  I went to change the babies diaper and there were little brown balls all over his pants and diaper.

Some of them I was not sure exactly where the brownie ended if you know what I mean.  I didn’t try any.  So, I got the kid changed and had this great idea for a game show or at least a sketch on SNL.  Behind a glass wall there is a plate of brown.  Behind another is another plate of brown.  Both look almost the same and the trick is to choose….Poop or Brownie?  Debate as long as you want and then you have to eat.  Could be one of those Japanese game shows where you pick wrong and not only have to eat but get a shot to the gonads as well.

Anyway, just some random thoughts of a deranged mind.  I am eagerly waiting for the wacked out things I come up with when I go off of these meds again.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Yep.  You do need more sleep.

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