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Have you noticed how many anodynes there are laying around on the floor?  I know, the next question is WTF????  ok so this is yet another way to try and make some cash.  If you have ever signed up for one of those sites that hopefully will pay you to write?  Well they like to make sure that you own the site.  and this is the way they do it.

You get to put some strange sentence on a post so that they can verify it.  You can delete it afterwards, but it has to be there.  I ahve done some like this before, and deleted the post, leaving a gaping hole in my site where the RSS feed would like to shove something.  So I decided that this time, I would leave the sentence.  and build a post around it.

I am still a writer damn it and even if I am slow at it, I still come up with some great ideas.  One of these days, many more of those ideas will see the light of day.  For example, right now I have 20 posts in draft (read idea form) on this site.  There are many more on my other sites.

Eventually you all will be rewarded with the wonderful musings from my mind.  And the end of the Man With The Hazy Suit, My buddy Bob reminded me that it was still unfinished and at least he was waiting for the end.  I kind of gave up.  I will get that done and out as an ebook.  Maybe an audio book.  Maybe with a golden goose attached.

Ok, you all can send me a golden goose, I could really use one of those eggs right now.  Which brings up another very unrelated question that I would like some opinion on.  If the goose laid golden eggs, were they solid gold as we are lead to believe, or do they have the makings of an omlette inside?  Hmmmm…

anyway, there is too much rambling going on now and I have to go to the eye doctor.  See you all later.


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  1. So what is the undeleted sentence?  And what good is it to anybody if it gets deleted?  These are way better questions than whether you can make an omelet out of the egg laid by  golden goose.  Anyway, I’d be afraid of getting sick eating that omelet. too much metal is bad for you.  Is that why you went to the doctor?

  2. The first sentence is the one that should be deleted, didn’t you realize that it made no sense?  It is only good to verify your ownership of the blog.  Still want a golden goose, but I am just getting old and my eyes are getting worse…what to do…

  3. I say solid gold…no omlette.  If It’s discussing something that doesn’t exist anyway, I might as well wish big.

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