May 272014

Hello again.  Today I was looking over my computer and I noticed that I had a ton of ebooks.  I did a search for .pdf files and I came up with over 400 items.  Sure some are check stubs, some are user manuals for snowblowers, generators, tillers and the like but a good portion are e-books.

I have all of these because they seemed like a good idea at the time.  Many are related to my minor obsession with kettlebells.  Many are, lately, related to blogging and business building.  I then looked at my bookmarks in Firefox.  I have a ton of sites saved for later.  I then checked my rss reader and I have better than 50 sites to slog through on there.

I then looked at the jumbled mess of paper on my desk, the top sheet filled with notes on places to look at, affiliate programs to refer back to, forums to visit, and pages to write.

It made me think of the title of this post.  Where do you draw the line and dump all of the old stuff?  Where do you decide to make a break and just go forward?  I talked a bit about this in one of my previous posts: Seeking out the flash we want instead of the stuff we need. Where am I going to dump things that my brain says “yes I REALLY REALLY do want them” and just forget about it.  I can’t tell you how many bookmarks I have that I haven’t touched for years.  There were some on there a while ago that were so old the URL had expired and wasn’t even parked anymore.

I then get to thinking I am getting a handle on it, when I look at my bookshelf and see so many books that I would like to read.  Then I get invites to read something else.  Then I get free books to write reviews on.  But there is TV that is so good right now.  There are all of these movies that I have to watch.  (I have a couple of DVD’s from Xmas 2008 that I haven’t seen yet).

I am facing some truths now.  If I am going to be serious as a blogger and truly treat this as a full time job and be able to expect full time income then I have to break down and prioritze.  I hav4e to actually plan out my day in order to get posts written, novels written, comments out there and other things read.  I am going to have to dump 90% of my bookmarks that I don’t use anyway.  I am going to dump rss feeds that haven’t had a new post for a week.  I am going to visit forums on MWF and not every day.  I am only going to check my alexa and affiliate ranks and balances once a week.  I am going to write like a madman and comment like Ben Lumley or James Richmond.  If you don’t know they comment a lot.  Take that SEO.

So, today is forum day.  I am off.  It is also the start of the Pre-writing challenge!  See my page here! I have 4 ideas starting development right now and more to come this month.

I think I will also sort through all of those ebooks that I am never going to get to.  I can only hope that my ebooks won’t end up in the “never going to read that but maybe some day” file.

Thanks for reading yet again, tomorrow is fiction Saturday!  Part 3 of Death With A Vengeance.

Just a side note, this post was going to be a short one but it now tops 600 words.  This is cool because it is getting easier to write longer the more practice I get.  My biggest story barrier has been breaking 5000 words.  this is fantastic practice!

Until Tomrrow,


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  1. I know exactly where you are. I have been the same place for a while now and tomorrow it is my intent to clean up my act and move on. But there remains this nagging fear that somewhere in all this stuff is the secret that I really need, if only I knew how to recognize it. Good luck with this. Maybe you will be the inspiration I need to clean up this stuff myself.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Do you want to be remarkable? =-.

  2. Ha! I have found myself getting to that point too. I used to read through every post in my rss feed but now its too much to keep up with. I also have a few ebooks I really want to read and use but have only gotten through a few pages.

    I think your plan is a good one Justin. Prioritize!

    This is going to be majorly necessary.
    .-= Carlos Velez´s last blog ..The Pre-Writing Challenge Main Page: 9 Crazy Bloggers, 2 Weeks Of Extra Posts, 1 Month Of Magic =-.

  3. The nice thing to know is that there is no secret. Honestly there isn’t. The trick to blogging is write stuff that people enjoy reading and then go out in the community and comment on other people’s posts. Do it regularly. Do it everyday. Do it over and over again. After a while the fruits of that relentless hard work start to pay off.

    Thanks for the mention Justin 🙂
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..You don’t think you can do it, I know. =-.

    • I am beginning to see the results. I hope that people want to read my stuff. That is number one way to keep the blog going. I am glad I have found you and James to emulate. It is working!
      Thanks again

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