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How teaching my daughter to write is helping me.

I started my blog earlier this year as a way to kick start my writing career.  That has evolved a bit, but the main purpose is still writing.  Because of my writing, my daughter has shown some interest.

She was bored on a Sunday because we wont let them watch TV and asked me what to do.  I told her to write a story.  She played shy and was pretending that she couldn’t think of what to write about so I went back to some of my old lessons from elementary school about creative writing.

From that she has started a story and has had some ideas about others that she wants to write.   From these lessons, I have had to up my writing.  I have had to start thinking more about story structure and how to put scenes together.  I have always been a seat of the pants writer so this is getting into some different territory, even though I know what to do.

It continues to be a fun thing to do with her, get her to organize thoughts and ask questions of her character and her antagonist.  It is fun to see her think and then have to change something because it is too much like what was on Disney Channel yesterday.  We have had a plagarism talk as well.

I would suggest teaching someone how to craft a story if your writing is getting hard or a bit stale.  Show someone how to do it and you will gain a lot of insight yourself.  Besides it is a great way to interact with your kids that doesn’t involve the television, just their imagination.

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  1. Great stuff. Similar story to you. Blogging has improved my writing as well as spelling and grammar. You see I have dyslexia, and surprisingly, blogging has helped me in that situation.

    • I think it is the practice and discipline of making yourself write that helps the most. It is great that blogging and writing is helping you to manage your dyslexia, no one would ever know unless you told them. Thanks for dropping by Robert!

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