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St Patrick's

St Patrick's (Photo credit: bigdmia)

Well it is that time of year again. St. Patricks Day is upon us and there will be legions of people who think the holiday is about green beer and getting drunk.  If you know much of anything about it, that is not the reason for the holiday at all and frankly, I resent the stereotype that the Irish are a bunch of drunks. I am not.

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Listen to this tune by my friend Marc Gunn, Celtic music afficianado extrodinaire: St. Patrick Never Drank.  You can read more of his great stuff and listen to his killer Celtic podcasts over at  My favorite is the Pub Songs Podcast but the Irish and Celtic Music one is a very close second.

So, dear Readers, what are your plans for St. Patricks Day?  Are you going to go get blasted on green beer?  Raise a pint of Guiness? A few shots of Jamesons?  I want to know.

For my family this year it will be a bit different.  We are headed uptown to see my daughter and her school band perform in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  That should be a ton of fun.  After that, my other daughter is going to be in a fashion show to celebrate the opening of a new mall here in Salt Lake.  They were looking for Make-A-Wish kids and she is too cute to be ignored!  See some stuff about her at how I worked that link in there?  I am that good.)

After all of those festivities, we will be home to see if the Leprechauns have invaded again.  They seem too every year and the kids love a scavenger hunt for gold (read chocolate) coins.

After that I don’t know what will happen, but it will all be without beer.  Probably lots of celtic music, most of it from Marc’s podcasts and albums.  If you need some tunes go here and get a load of 17 songs for this year.  Thanks again Marc.

I really do what to know how you all plan to celebrate….the comments are open and waiting for you.

happy St. Patrick’s Day


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