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LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 01:  U.S. Transportat...

LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 01: U.S. Transportation Security Administration supervisor Nick Fox (R) and another TSA employee demonstrate an advanced image technology (AIT) millimeter wave scanner using new Automated Target Recognition software being tested by the TSA at McCarran International Airport February 1, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new software detects potential threat items and displays them on the outline of a generic body displayed on a monitor attached to the unit instead of using passenger-specific images. TSA officers will no longer need to use a remotely located room to view the images, which will make the process more efficient according to a TSA spokesman. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Last year there was much speculation and fear associated with the TSA and flying in general.  It hasn’t eased up.  If you haven’t read already, we are headed to Florida in 3 weeks for my daughters Make A Wish trip.  We have known this for a while now, and, of course, getting to Florida from Utah means flying.

With that I know that the TSA is imminent.  I began to research the new security procedures and things we would have to do.  It didn’t encourage me.  I started figuring that I may as well make the best of this and get through security with as little hassle as possible.  Now, with the trip so close, I have a plan for dealing with security.

I did not have a plan for my nightmares about dealing with the TSA and spending the whole Make A Wish trip in a jail cell.  The jail cell came after handing the tickets to my wife and saying, “Have a nice trip” as I launched myself at the TSA Agent who went above and beyond his duty in the pat down search of my 11 year old daughter.

His wandering hands earned him a broken nose and disfigured face.  I may not be a finesse boxer but I have spent considerable amounts of time on the heavy bag just hitting hard.  It was no different in this dream.  The first punch caught his nose, the second his jaw.  By the time he fell and I jumped on top of him, there were 3 other agents there pulling me off.  I woke up after that so I don’t really know if I made it to Florida or not.

I hope that was not a prophetic dream.  I am still trying to take a deep breath and make the best of the TSA thing, but I have 4 kids to get through security.  Even writing this post may doom all of us to full body scans and pat downs but I have nothing to hide so it should be ok.

Image from the backscatter advanced imaging te...

Image from the backscatter advanced imaging technology (AIT) machine used by the TSA to screen passengers. This is what the remote TSA agent would see on their screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any horror stories from you all about the TSA, or better yet, good stories that will take me away from all fo the bad that happens to show up every day.  Let me know in the comments.



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