Today I am reviewing a new ebook by my new friend, Jeff Goins.  He is a writer.  He wants to bring out the writer in all of us.  Check him out at, subscribe to his email, read his blog, he is infectious!

Anyway, I volunteered to review his new book because I thought we would help each other.  I want to get back into the groove and write like I did before, and Jeff’s book is jut the thing to do it with.  Besides, he is looking to sell his book, and if I can help a brother make some coin, I will!

For full disclosure and all of that, I received a free review copy of the book from Jeff to write this review with.  You know, in the past, I used to think that review copies of books meant that the book was an excerpt or unfinished.  I have been proven wrong over the years.  Especially with this book.  I found it well thought out, organized and full of the information that I need for me right now.

You see, I call myself a writer.  I have gone from saying that I write stuff on the internet to claiming the title of “Writer”.  I try to use the title to drive the desire to write.  I seem to have a ton of thoughts that don’t get out into the computer or on paper.  Therefore, I am not writing, unless someone is transcribing my thoughts.  I need to find that guy and claim the copyrights.  But this is not all about me, this is about Jeff’s book.

One of the first things that jumped out at me in You are a Writer, was the amount of nodding along that I was doing.  I could feel where Jeff was coming from, I have felt most of those things myself.  Many of those thoughts are what inspired me to start blogging and get some of “Me” out there into the Universe.  But what good is getting out there if no one reads it?  That is what I feel to be the base message of the book.

Jeff is very positive.  Almost to a fault!  Actually he gives you such a feeling of “I can go do this!” that I just want to write!  That is on of Jeff’s great gifts, it is why I started reading his blog, he is so encouraging.  I may have started this book for a review, but it has inspired me to get back on the horse and get back to the only thing I have ever been really good at, Writing.

I have been too long just going through motions, or letting things sit untouched because “no one is reading”.  I started this blog to write and it grew.  I worried about writing for people, I have faltered.  Jeff tells about his experiences with very similar feelings.  It is nice to know I am not alone, and this book could easily be a conversation over beers at the pub.

He gets into how to become a “writer”, how to be true to yourself, how to get paid for your craft.  He talks about disciplining yourself, practicing the craft, avoiding distraction.    He gives you some hard truths about being a writer, some I knew but had forgotten and must now relearn, for real.  And then he goes into exactly how to do it.

I am not going to chronicle all of that, otherwise what use would you have for the book?  That is just counter productive. 🙂  Jeff’s book will be on sale at Amazon for the Kindle sometime around April 27th.  I will post a link to the books site when it is live.  It is worth buying if you want to be a writer.  It is worth buying if you say you are a writer and need a kick start like I do did.  I have yet to find a better book on coaching you how to be a writer.

And this sums it up best: “You are a writer.  You just need to write.” -Jeff Goins, Writer.

Thanks Jeff.

Visit the You Are A Writer website HERE to find out more about the book and, more importantly, how to get a copy for yourself! Many bonuses are included when purchasing direct from Jeff.  (link is live!)


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