Apr 032013

I am really not planning on making this my migraine blog but good grief.  I got another one tonight, not too bad on the pain scale but a doozy in the visual disturbance area.  Still can’t pinpoint what causes them.  Today was a good day too.

Got to see my baby again.  My wife is now 12 weeks pregnant and we got to see the baby moving around and being uncooperative.  We were there to do a genetic screening for this baby looking for any abnormalities after our last daughter developed a spontaneous genetic mutation of her kidneys.  We got the screening but it is almost like what is the point?  We are going to keep the baby anyway, but at least we could know early.  Maybe it was stress letdown from keeping the secret to telling all of the family that caused the migraine.  We have been very worried that they would try to rationalize why we would consider another child after the last one was born with kidney failure.  luckily that didn’t happen, or hasn’t been brought up yet.

At least it is almost the new year.  I have a bunch of insurance stuff to do tomorrow so that it will be on this year.  What a party we will have for New Years!  Maybe I will do something with 2010, 2010 kettlebell swings? not likely more like 20 swings then 10.  Maybe 10 get ups or 2 get ups and then 010 get ups.  I will have to work on that one.

Have a great New Year’s Celebration, drive safe and wake up late on Saturday!


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